Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Oh, how I missed thee...

Here's the thing:

Ye Olde Kumquat has always been a blog for whatever I feel like blogging about.

So far, this year has sucked sweaty donkey balls.

(I know that seems random, but bear with me.)

During years that exhibit higher-than-normal degrees of suckitude, I try to focus on something that which brings me much lovely, demented joy.  Yes, during those years, I focus on Halloween.

I know what you're all saying, "But, Papermasks, it's July!"  Yes, it is, which means it's time to start getting ready.  I have props to build, people to scare witless, neighbors to worry...

Those who build props and who long to have their own home-grown haunted houses understand the need to start early in the year.  Compared to most of them, I'm starting really freaking late.  Late enough for me to think in my head, "Holy shit!  There's only 117 days left until Halloween!"

Some of you might not understand that, but when you see what I have planned, you will.

So, to get us all in the mood, Ye Olde Kumquat is donning its dark and broody attitude.  Light some candles, turn out the lights, listen to the bump in the night.

Let the countdown begin...

I've had friends joke, "When is it NOT Halloween for you?"  The answer would be "Christmas."

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