Sunday, September 04, 2011

It's the little things strapped to an electric chair...

It's not that I've been away; I've just been away.

Make of that what you will.

So, it's mumblemumble days to Halloween, and I have not begun to panic.  This is either really good or a very big case of denial.

The truth of the matter is since Mom has been here to help me with a lot of things around the house and around my life, I am finding the current of creativity flowing again.  I have all these ideas and none of them seem out-of-reach.  I'm looking at building plans for animatronics and LEDs and thinking, "I can do that."  

I don't think it's just Mom, though.  The other day we were in the Halloween Express store that pops up every year.  Last year, I was rather disappointed in their selection and only went twice during the entire season.  (To those who know me, they know how my doing that is a reason to check to see if I'm ill.  Normally, I go every other day.  Don't look at me like that.  Their stock changes, dammit.)

It just so happens that they opened up while Mom is visiting, so it was time to prove that I come by my twisted inclinations honestly.  (Everything I loved, she loved.  I love my mom.)

While not as impressed as I have been in the past, I have found some real gems in their collection this year.  The number one on the "I would give my ex-husband's left nut for that prop" list was Jolt.  Jolt is probably the biggest and best prop I've ever seen them carry.  They say they had him last year, but they must've put him out after I quit shopping.

This, my ghouls, is Jolt:

The video, of course, doesn't do him justice.

Turns out that he is a serious piece of work.  He actually comes with four bags of cement with which to anchor him because he shakes so violently.

My little geek, haunter girl's heart bleeds for shit like this.

The first day we went to the store, they had him out but not working.  Damn.  But, we were promised he would be working the next day.  Hooray!

So, the next day we returned.

He only works twice an hour and we had fifteen minutes to wait.  Boooo.  (We found out later that apparently they have to do that since last year his head flew off.  I'm not sure you should tell people that about a prop you are trying to sell for $2200.)

We convinced some bored employees to run him for us.

He. Is. Spectacular.

I want him.  Not in that special squishy kind of way that's just icky and you people need to get your brains out of the gutter, but I want him nonetheless.

Funnily, we were standing with an African-American family and a few others, and we got to talking with the family as a member missed the show and we were trying to convince them to do it again.  (When told that the head flew off last year, the mom declared it would be awesome as hell if that happened.  *sniffle sniffle*  It's beautiful to find such like-minded souls.)  I was explaining to them what Jolt was and about how he has to be anchored in cement and how much he was and where they could go to find videos of him...

The general consensus was that I knew my shit about Halloween.  Especially after I told them I build some of my own props.

A few minutes later, the real time for Jolt to go off happened, and we gathered people to watch.  After the show, I was giggling and shouting about how badly I want him.  The dad of the family declared that I obviously had this shit down and figured I could probably build him.  I told him no since I only just recently started experimenting with animatronics, know engineers who probably could...

When all was said and done a few things happened:
  1. We discovered that my mother actually helped treat their grandmother ailing of cancer when she worked at the oncology clinic five years ago, and she remembered her after they said her name.
  2. I told them I put out a display for the kids every year for trick-or-treat, and they demanded where I lived so they could bring their kids seeing as how they didn't know any decent neighborhoods for that sort of thing.  (I informed them that people outside our neighborhood bring their kids, and our Little Old Lady Brigade  loves it to bits.  Also, apparently I won't be the only display.  Woot!)
  3. I was made to feel very good for being so enthusiastic about Halloween, which is a rare thing.
  4. I bought a crawling hand animatronic that is way more awesome than $25 should allow.
Talking with that family and seeing others share my enthusiasm for this holiday really awoke the creativity in my soul.  I went out and bought the stuff to make a bleeding skull fountain (pics to follow); I got some amazing ideas involving LEDs, a black light, and an oscillating fan or two; and I feel like I can build anything.

While I know I'm limited with my ability, I have this sudden drive to learn everything I can.  I want to reach the limit of my potential with props.  I want to make this holiday come alive for my visitors and scare the living hell out of them!

I am back with a vengeance.

Also, I bought a vampire dog that we thought was the product of a cat's strange liaison with a rat.  Apparently, his name is Russell after a worker's ex-husband.  Oh, the plans I have.  The plans...

P.S. No, seriously, I know people who could build him.  It's both awesome and scary.  I'm glad they use their talents for not destroying the earth and just blowing up random things when they get bored.

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