Friday, January 25, 2013

Oh, horror, how we love thee...

While searching for new blogs to follow on ye olde Tumblr, I glanced across a question asked of a blog, "Why do you like horror?"

I didn't think much of it at the time, but later while in the shower where life, the universe, and totally random shit are contemplated, I remembered that question and thought, "Why do I like horror?"

I never really considered what I thought or felt while watching a horror film, and I came across a few realizations:

I've been into horror for a long time, but I've noticed these last couple of years, when times have been particularly terrible, it's one of three genres I actively seek out, the others being fantasy and sci-fi.  Each genre gives me an outlet of some sort.  Horror's outlet is it lets me enjoy bad things happening to people who aren't me.  I don't typically wish bad things on people in real life, but if you're going to be a stupid bitch and go downstairs in your underwear with no weapon to check out that noise, then you get what you deserve and I get to laugh at you.  And, I don't have to feel guilty!  Alternately, since horror also gives me an outlet for my anger, it means I won't go out and actually do horrible things to people, even if they deserve them.

I also find horror gives me some perspective.  No matter how fucked up may day/week/year has been, it's nothing like Johnny Depp's night when he was turned into a blood fountain the likes of which Vegas would be proud.  (Best. Scene. Ever.)  Getting screwed by my own lawyer in the divorce sucked donkey balls, but hey, I haven't been turned into a gore geyser, so I guess I'm not doing that badly.

Of course, there is also the thought I just like being scared out of my wits.  Considering it's getting harder to do that these days, it has become a personal mission to find horror films that can achieve that.  If it is entertaining and I enjoyed my time watching it, then it is a good horror.  If I find myself clutching my boyfriend's arm, having to remember to breathe, hearing my heart pound during the silences, and fearing my own dreams that night, then it is an excellent horror.  It's not that I've become desensitized to horror, it's just that I've learned too much about the trade.  There are some films, though, that absorb me into their folds and make me forget reality altogether...  Now, that's horror!

Our reasons for like horror are all very personal, though.  My reasons aren't my boyfriend's reasons nor are they of the people sitting with us in the theater.  I wouldn't mind hearing from my fellow horrorhounds, though.

Why do you like horror?

There are those people who think our liking horror makes us demented and little better than serial killers.  To them I say:  demented?  Maybe.  Serial killers?  Nah, and the proof is the fact your annoying, judgmental ass is still alive.

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