Saturday, February 16, 2013

A thought on Love

I don't think love brings pain.  I think it brings a perception of the world and our lives that is so amazing and acutely sharp to our senses that we think we are in heaven.  But, yet, when it leaves us - sometimes in a horrific display of pain - the hole, the vacuum it leaves fills with suffering and hate.  It's not so much that there is a fine line between love and hate as if love could turn to hate.  Love is love.  Hate is hate.  It's just that love and hate are the same as light and dark and when one leaves the other fills the space.  Love is amazing which is why we seek it so.  We fear it because we think it brings pain.  No.  That is wrong.  Love does not bring pain.  Love lifts us to a level far higher than ourselves and helps us to fly.  When it is taken away our wings are clipped, we fall hard and onto solid, unforgiving ground and anger and hate envelope us and fill the void where love once was.  We want to blame love and not the people who took our love away.  Love is beautiful and should be sought and cherished not feared even if it might disappear because stupid humans are stupid.  It makes us laugh and smile and stand a hundred feet tall.  Love is amazing and should never be feared.  I know this now.  
I know this now.

And, yes, it's worth the risk of decimating pain.

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